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About Us

Many of the most pressing problems in our world today cannot be effectively addressed with a short-term mindset. Corporate innovation, sustainable economic and social policy and environmental protection all require long-term planning to make robust decisions.

Unfortunately, short-termism appears to be on the rise in many important areas in our society. Over 75% of corporate managers face pressure to sacrifice economic value of their company to satisfy quarterly targets dictated by shareholders and 65% of executives say that this pressure has even increased in the past 5 years. Growing economic instability across the world makes it ever harder for governments to promote long-term policies amongst the electorate, sacrificing the prosperity of future generations. Whether it be environmental protection, corporate planning or sustainable development, we all agree that drastic long-term focused action is required, but rarely achieved.

The mission of the Long Run Institute is it to bring together key stakeholders from the corporate, political and scientific world to address this formidable challenge. Our focus is the development of effective strategies and methodologies using insights from behaviour and decision science to optimise policy and corporate decision making.

The challenge is enormous. If you are interested in this topic, we encourage you to engage with or support us.